My story is about our family and the day to day perils and blessings that go along with having a child with Autism.  I have two children, Owen who is 5.5 years old and Adison who is 19 mths old.

Owen was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism when he was 3.5 years old.  Even though Owen was our first child, we always knew he understood things a little differently than other children.  We always wanted two children, but helping Owen took up much of our time so we often considered and re-considered bringing another child into our family.  We finally made the decision and we were blessed with Adison.  Turns out she was the best decision for our family, especially Owen.

My story will hopefully have a little something for everyone.  For families also living with Autism, you may relate to the funny and challenging stories I will share and may find some information about tools and resources that will prove useful.   I also hope to provide insight to those who may not understand Autism and how it affects the child, their family and their environment.  Either way, I am glad you stopped by to read about our continuing journey of growth, survival and how we take each day as it comes.


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