Monthly Archives: June 2013

More to Offer

Initially, I created this blog as a project for my eBusiness course at UTM last year.  I was so excited when I wrote my first post.  At the time, I choose to focus on Autism because at the time we were learning a lot about Owen’s diagnosis.  We are nowhere close to being experts on the subject but we have definitely achieved a better understanding now.  So I’ve decided to expand this blog to include many of my interests that help inspire me to be a better person overall.  

Social media has opened my world so much to so many things.  Sometimes I find myself still awake at 1:17am on a work night laying in my bed with my tablet on my lap, ear phones in listening to some video on YouTube.

The access and discovery to information has furthered my passion for nutrition, naturopathy, exercise, motherhood, the art of gratitiude, autism and much more, all of which I will share on my blog.  In addition, I will be tracking my success on a recent challenge I have committed to.

I’m really excited to begin sharing.

Ta Ta for now, sheila